Setting Up Google Maps

To use the Maps module, you'll need to create a Google Maps API key.

Google has made this much more complicated recently and Google Maps now requires a payment profile in order to use their service. However, unless you have a very high-traffic site, you will likely fall within their free tier.

Their pricing is free up to 25,000 map loads per day, then $0.50 USD / 1,000 additional map loads per day thereafter.

To get your API key:

Step 1

Go to Site Settings > API Keys and follow the link in the Google Maps API Key info box.

Step 2

Click Get Started in the Google Get API Key link.

Step 3

Check all three boxes to enable the Google Maps Platform, then click Continue.

Step 4

Select an existing project, or create a new project, then click Next.

Step 5

If you created a new project, you can name it whatever you'd like, then click Next.

Step 6

Now you'll create a new billing account. Again, you will get 25,000 daily map loads for free. Click Create Billing Account.

Step 7

Agree to the Google Cloud Platform terms and click Agree and Continue.

Step 8

Create a new payment profile, or choose an existing payment profile.

Step 9

You will be prompted to create an API key - click Next.

Step 10

Finally, you have your API key. Paste that value into Site Settings > API Keys > Google Maps API Key (shown in Step 1)

You can now use the Maps module.