Use the Undo and Redo buttons if you want to undo or redo changes that you've made.

Actions that trigger an addition to the undo/redo state:

  • Saving changes to a module, column, or row. (Note that if you are editing a module, then switch to a column or row using the "Column" or "Row" buttons in the settings panel, and edit that column or row, all of those changes will be views as a single update to the undo/redo state)
  • Deleting a module, column, or row
  • Duplicating a module, column, or row
  • Adding a module, column, or row
  • Equalizing or changing column widths
  • Moving a module, column, or row
  • Joining adjacent text modules
  • Saving a global as regular
  • Saving changes to site settings

Note that changes made to global templates are not tracked by the undo/redo state. Since global templates can be used across your entire site, those changes should be made with care, and not by simply clicking undo/redo.