Settings Site-Wide Fonts

Site Settings allows you to control your site's fonts, leveraging the free fonts provided by Google Fonts.

Base Font

The Base Font option group allows you to configure:

  • Base Font. This is the font used by regular text. It will also be used by header text, unless overwritten by Base Header Font or H1-H6 Font group settings.
  • Base Header Font. This font is used by all header text. It can be overwritten for each type of header in the H1-H6 Font group settings.


When you select a font, its available weight variants will be loaded. Regular font weight is 400. Bold font weight is 700. If you are using a font for your Base Font, you should likely load a regular font weight (or one below 400 if you want a light text effect) and a bold font weight (700 or higher).


It is recommended that you load as few different fonts and font weights as possible since every font that you load increases page load time.